The Arts Project Tackle Box Workshop
Developed with Kathie deNobriga for the Georgia Council for the Arts, a one-day workshop that answers the pesky question: “I’ve got a great idea for a community arts project, now what do I do?”

Schmoozing Lessons
A two-hour participatory workshop about taking the first step to build a relationship – a critical skill in fundraising, community organizing, project implementation and, well, life.

Strategic Planning – Are YOU ready?
A three-hour participatory workshop designed to help organization prepare themselves for the process of strategic planning.

Fundamentals of Evaluation
A two-hour workshop on planning and implementing evaluation strategies to measure progress towards goals.

Fundamental of Marketing and Audience Development
A half-day workshop on building audiences for the long term, the relationship of programming to ticket sales, and all that jazz.

Fundamentals of Presenting
“What is presenting, and how can it work for my organization? What’s the difference between presenting and producing? How do I deal with artists – what are their needs?” Answers, thoughts, and provocations, in a three-hour format.

The Care and Feeding of the Board President
What makes a Board President a leader? What strategies can staff leaders use to develop board leaders? And how do we keep it all fun? Board Presidents are made, not born, and the process requires attention, intention, and dedication.

Diversifying Your Funding Sources
Relying too heavily on one source of contributed income can be the death of an arts organization. This two-hour workshop is a quick introduction to the fundamentals of a balanced fundraising plan.

Retreat facilitation is also available, using the “Technologies of Participation” methods of discussion, workshops, action planning, and strategic planning.

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